This is a 9×16 LED matrix I made by hand back in 2004, with LEDs I had left over from another, even sillier project. It has a USB interface powered by a PIC16C765 microcontroller, one of the first to feature a built-in USB device interface.

This video post is something of a eulogy for the project. I have been trying to simplify and unclutter my life lately, and to that end I’ve been having to recycle, donate, or throw out a lot of things. This includes old projects of mine. This matrix was a fun way to spend a couple weekends seven years ago, but since then it’s just been taking up space in my apartment. So, before throwing it out, I thought I’d take a few pictures and make a silly video.

For what it’s worth, the firmware and PC source code (navi-misc/ledboard/usb144) are still available.