scanlime045 – Icestudio LED Matrix Driver Part 1

In this project we’ll be programming up some FPGA “gateware” using the visual Icestudio environment and the industry standard Verilog language, in order to display full color images on an inexpensive HUB75E-style LED video wall panel.

This first video focuses on project bringup and just getting *something* on the screen, even if it’s a bit buggy!

scanlime045 – Icestudio LED Matrix Driver Part 1

The Icestudio editor and the entire build toolchain are free and open source software!

The FPGA board and adapter PMOD are part of the iCEBreaker CrowdSupply campaign, which was successfully funded! This is a great little FPGA dev board, and a platform designed to help more people get started with FPGAs using open source tools.

This project is available on Github.

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