Speaking at USENIX WIOV 2008

Well, this Monday I submitted the final copy of my paper, and yesterday everything was approved. Jeremy Sugerman and I wrote a paper for the USENIX Workshop on I/O Virtualization’s Industrial Practice session: GPU Virtualization on VMware’s Hosted I/O Architecture. We’re on the program for a 15-minute talk at the workshop in San Diego this December.

The paper is a detailed (or as detailed as will fit in 8 pages) description of the GPU virtualization work my team has been doing at VMware for the past couple years. This is the technology that makes it possible to run DirectX 9 applications and games inside your VMware Fusion VM. The paper includes a lot of background information about graphics virtualization, a detailed description of our virtual GPU architecture, and various benchmarks.

Thanks to everyone who helped me by reviewing drafts of the paper. Your feedback has been invaluable.

Update: The paper can now be downloaded in HTML or PDF, and presentation slides are available.