scanlime036 – DaveCAD Sticky Printer

Some of you may know about a fancy CAD package used by a certain popular electronics rambler on utube, and I wanted a piece of that sweet handwritten design. Hanging with Tuco Crew one night, the tiger and I put this crack together. Milled linoleum printing block, 3D printed alignment jig, and as many copies of DaveCAD as we can eat.

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Vector graphics source and the manufacturing files for this project are available in git:

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scanlime:018 / Tuco the Cat’s Robot

Meet my cat, Tuco. He’s a polydactyl American Curl kitty who loves fetching nylon 1/4-20 bolts. This is a video introduction to the new project I’m building and streaming, a camera robot for interacting with Tuco online.

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