Tag: repair

  • scanlime037 – Squishy Resistor Repair

    These wire-wound resistors have seen better days, and my trusty Orion Delta printer from SeeMeCNC needs a replacement heater. More recent printer designs use cartridge heaters, but this’ll be an oldschool repair with fresh resistors and silicone goop. After the repair, I’ll do a test print with time lapse! Thank you so much for watching,…

  • scanlime029 – Bad Gear

    A winch gear split, taking a closer look and failing to repair it. How would you fix this nylon helical gear? Music for this episode is “パワーポイント” (Power Point) by Anonymous420, available under a CC0 1.0 Universal license. Please consider supporting me on Patreon so I can keep making these vids! I’m also trying out…

  • scanlime:010 / Protek B8010FD Function Generator

    I had another video planned, but today the yak stack needed tending after my trusty 10 MHz signal generator started buzzing horribly. Today’s video will be a teardown, repair, and mini-review of the 2007 vintage Protek B8010FD.