Tag: macro

  • scanlime:014 / Boldport #2 – Superhero

    Finally, another Boldport video! This time a short music video based on the Engineer Superhero kit, assembled in original form and in a variant that includes a coin cell to power the LED and a piezo button to charge the 2N7000 MOSFET gate and make the LED glow for a while. The sound track was…

  • scanlime:011 / Ultrasonic Transducer

    This video takes a close look at those little chirping sonar cylinders that might have helped your robot avoid bumping into furniture. They’re sort of like a microphone or a speaker, but looking closer they seem more like a tiny tuning fork with a hat.

  • scanlime:009 / Flame Effect

    Let’s use the glow discharge in a flicker flame bulb to make some weird neon art. This video is a photographic tour and rebuild of a simple glowthing made from a novelty light bulb and an old CCFL backlight inverter. It might have left me with more questions than answers after the laser pointers came…