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  • scanlime:017 / Boldport #3, Cordwood Puzzle

    Assembling the Cordwood Puzzle, an electronics kit from the Boldport Club subscription service. It’s a close look at a relaxing build with a vintage look and delightfully unique design. Check out Saar’s work: https://www.boldport.com/ This video was filmed in front of a live Internet audience. Stream archives: Dec 2, 2016: https://youtu.be/OodND7hXA-A?list=PLhbhmdpDp9xFvxH7lYiD0mnCrw4dqgasJ Dec 4, 2016: https://youtu.be/zGrPml4o_Cg?list=PLhbhmdpDp9xFvxH7lYiD0mnCrw4dqgasJ

  • scanlime:014 / Boldport #2 – Superhero

    Finally, another Boldport video! This time a short music video based on the Engineer Superhero kit, assembled in original form and in a variant that includes a coin cell to power the LED and a piezo button to charge the 2N7000 MOSFET gate and make the LED glow for a while. The sound track was…

  • scanlime:008 / Boldport #1 – Pease

    I jumped at the opportunity to get hardware in the mail from another like-minded art hacker. In this video I’ll unbox the kit, assemble it delicately, and finally I’ll have to make some squiggles and beeps with it. Link to Saar’s Boldport Club: https://www.boldport.com/club You can also hear more from Saar himself in this episode…