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As Ross Burton already brought to p.g.o‘s attention, Listen is the latest in random crackful media player apps. A quick look at the screenshots (or the original web site) shows perhaps dozens of instances of the speaker icon that I originally drew for the Wasabi project.

So I’m a little annoyed at my artwork being abused in so many ways within what I consider to be a fairly ugly application. What’s more, though, is that my copyright appeared nowhere. The footer on the web site even claimed that all content was copyright by the Listen author! I sent off a letter demanding that my copyright be restored, and requesting that he not use the icon at all.

Well, I wasn’t the only one he “borrowed” copyrighted work from without respecting the original license conditions. See the open letter sent by one of the Quod Libet developers. The Listen web page now has an apology (local copy) to not just me, not just the Quod Libet folks, but eight separate groups who had their copyrights violated. Wow.