service is down indefinitely

For those who haven’t seen it: is a web service I started about 8 years ago, as a way of Open Source projects tracking code changes in real-time over the web and IRC. This is probably going to come as a surprise to most of you reading this, but today I’ve taken the service down indefinitely. Update 2011-05-11: Wow, that was quick. Merely hours after this announcement, CIA is already in the process of being transferred to... Read More

2002 seems so long ago

Somehow I end up revisiting my past life as an embedded systems GUI hacker from time to time. I’m not entirely sure what prompted it, but I realized that PicoGUI‘s site is still up and running on a full Plone instance that Zettai has been kind enough to provide for us. This is clearly overkill for a very dead, very static site. I used a combination of httrack and some manual hacks to create a static archive of the site, and moved it to... Read More