Moved off of LiveJournal

My old LiveJournal blog has served me well over the last four years, but I was getting tired of LJ. When I first started this blog, I mostly used it like any other whiny homesick new college graduate would. But nowadays, I use this less like a social networking tool and more like a way to organize my projects and post writeups of things I’m working on or things I find interesting. So the community aspect of LJ wasn’t really useful to me,... Read More

New Blog for

Well, I have finally joined the ranks of those who have multiple blogs. All CIA-related posts will be made on my new CIA Blog. As a side note, I’ve been quite happy with Django for the new CIA web site. It makes the easy things easy and still manages to get out of my way when I need it to. I was a little disappointed not to find a decent ready-made blogging app I could drop into CIA, but I’m pretty sure this is because creating a blog... Read More