The Ardent Mobile Cloud Platform

This year I had the pleasure of working on a big art project for Burning Man with a wonderfully talented group of artists and engineers in my community. It started with a simple idea: Let’s bring a variable reach forklift to Burning Man, and put a cloud on it. The project’s tongue-in-cheek Kickstarter video illustrates the concept we were going for: (View on YouTube) In only about two months, we worked hard and this vision took shape.... Read More

High Quality Zen

Announcing High Quality Zen, a batch renderer based on Zen photon garden. I built it as a way to further experiment with this 2D raytracing style, adding animation and color. I created a short video intro in the form of an Amon Tobin music video: Try it yourself: Create art in your browser at Take a look at the hqz README on GitHub.  Read More

Pinchy scribbles

I bought a Wacom tablet recently.. partly for work, but partly because they’re so rad. I’m definitely no artist, but Paul demanded I post some of my scribbles.  Read More