New MacBook Pro + Fyre

Back when I bought my last Mac: USB and the Playstation 2 were new, Altivec and shiny plastic were in, and fans were almost starting to line up for the first Harry Potter movie. Oh, and warrantless wiretapping was still illegal. So, Apple, I guess it’s time to put all those hardware failures behind us and see if this relationship can work. I’ve actually had a lot of fun hacking on Mac OS at work while developing VMware Fusion. Working... Read More

I ♥ apple

I just took my first pie out of the oven! It doesn’t really look like much- I left it in a tiny bit too long so a little bit of the turbinado sugar topping burned, and I made the bottom crust a little small in places. But, it smells great. I’ll know how it tastes tomorrow, when it’s cooled.  Read More