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scanlime:019 / Gimbal SDI Camera Mod

This is a mechanical and electrical modification to the Feiyu Mini3D 3-axis brushless gimbal, so it can hold a Crazyfire HZ-100P SDI camera and LIDAR-Lite distance sensor. Now I can use this small and inexpensive gimbal for the new live streaming cat robot!

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scanlime:016 / Shiny Blue Vacuum Fluorescent Pole Thing

I’ve been streaming lots of live forward and reverse engineering lately, and I’m about to start editing some of the recent work into a multi-part series of videos! But this little self-contained project had been sitting partially-edited in my queue so long, I had to give it the finish it needed.

Here we have a retrospective look at an old Vacuum Fluorescent Display project, and a re-make into something new using 3D printing and magnets.

scanlime:014 / Boldport #2 – Superhero

Finally, another Boldport video! This time a short music video based on the Engineer Superhero kit, assembled in original form and in a variant that includes a coin cell to power the LED and a piezo button to charge the 2N7000 MOSFET gate and make the LED glow for a while.

The sound track was something I made specifically for this vid; I put it on soundcloud too: https://soundcloud.com/scanlime/metal-piranha