service is down indefinitely


For those who haven’t seen it: is a web service I started about 8 years ago, as a way of Open Source projects tracking code changes in real-time over the web and IRC. This is probably going to come as a surprise to most of you reading this, but today I’ve taken the service down indefinitely. Update 2011-05-11: Wow, that was quick. Merely hours after this... Read More

New Blog for

Well, I have finally joined the ranks of those who have multiple blogs. All CIA-related posts will be made on my new CIA Blog. As a side note, I’ve been quite happy with Django for the new CIA web site. It makes the easy things easy and still manages to get out of my way when I need it to. I was a little disappointed not to find a decent ready-made blogging app I could drop... Read More

Mysterious unexplained downtime…

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CIA sure has grown

The latest stats from CIA‘s bot server: 50 total IRC bots across 33 networks, inhabiting 370 channels with a total of 5782 users. And amazingly enough, all the large Freenode bots have uptimes of 2 weeks or so. That fancy flood-kick-prevention code sure did the trick.  Read More

January 2006 Update

Fyre It’s easy for me to see Fyre as a ‘dead’ project these days- the existing codebase was declared ‘done’, and we moved on to a new architecture dubbed Fyre 2.0. In some ways this rewrite has suffered from second system effect, and the code hasn’t been touched in a while. But, I think we all agreed this was necessary. Fyre 1.0 really was a great... Read More

Upgrading Zero and Flapjack

For a while now, I’ve had two virtual servers hosted by Linode: Zero and Flapjack. Zero is a smaller server that’s become a bit of a dumping ground for personal web sites, source code, and photos. Most of the content you see on the domain comes from Zero. Flapjack is a larger and somewhat more restricted server that almost exclusively exists to run CIA. It just... Read More

Memes to spread

CIA Some more crazy ideas for CIA‘s future… “Sparklines.” A pretty novel (but not new) way to present data history inline with text. I’m already building up some graphing infrastructure for CIA around my ‘fidtool’ library. Just imagine how cool it would be to, at a glance, see the activity history for all the projects on the screen. Wiki... Read More

CIA Updates, Cappucino in The City

Database v7 Well, it’s been a busy past couple days, but I have some great news to report with regards to CIA. The new database backend I’ve been hacking at for the past couple weeks is now in place, and the performance is great. So, to back up a bit… CIA uses MySQL. It has for almost 2 years now. There are many things CIA does that SQL works great for: storing... Read More