Trying out Skeinforge Support Material


This is a quick photoblog and a video to document my first experience with using the support material options in Skeinforge. This was on my Makerbot Thing-o-Matic with a MakerGear stepper extruder, 0.35mm nozzle, and aluminum/kapton heated build platform. The model I’m printing is Yoshi, the familiar Nintendo character. I cleaned up and subdivided the original low-poly model... Read More

MakerBot Protip: Build from SD card without a PC


If you’ve ever wanted to build a model on your MakerBot without a PC attached at all (or perhaps you just never have a USB cable quite long enough to reach…) there’s an easy solution! This is a quick one-line addition to the V2 MakerBot motherboard firmware. With this change, your MakerBot will start up normally unless there’s an “autoexec.s3g”... Read More

MakerBot Upgrades


A few add-ons for my MakerBot: New build surface, sheet aluminum and hot Kapton. MakerGear Stepper Extruder, currently using the 0.35mm nozzle Running the latest firmware and ReplicatorG from git, with the MK6 Stepper Plastruder support Using the Skeinforge Reversal plugin. Say goodbye, Comb and Oozebane. Printed around-the-nozzle cooling ring (Video on YouTube)  Read More

Getting to know the Thing-O-Matic


This post is mostly an apology for not having done anything blog-worthy in the past few months. As usual, life has been full of Things. Like Katamari Damacy. Kinda. On the technical side, I’ve had a few interesting ideas bouncing around in my head lately: 3D Printing. Seems like a space ripe for DIY innovation, and besides, it’s really cool. Other sorts of odd CNC machines.... Read More