Fadecandy on the Making Embedded Systems podcast

2014-03-08 10.02.59

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Elecia White on the Making Embedded Systems podcast: Micah Elizabeth Scott (@scanlime) came to talk about Fadecandy, a really neat way to control smart LEDs (NeoPixel, AdaFruit’s term for the WS2812). The conversation ranged from beautiful LED control algorithms and open source embedded projects to triangle tessellations, art,... Read More

Sifteo and San Francisco


If you’ve been following me on Twitter you’ve probably noticed I’m not dead yet, despite the extreme silence on this blog lately. Well, possibly I just turned into a really inanely chatty zombie. But either way, I haven’t been cranking out awesome projects like mad. What gives?? First big event: this past July, I moved to San Francisco. Having grown up in... Read More

November Update


I guess I don’t have a complete blog entry to write on any one thing.. but there are several unrelated things that I feel like writing down. I recently joined Twitter, but I must suck at using it because none of these things ended up there. Life Tragic. Introspective. Complicated. This isn’t really a place where I would feel it appropriate to go into detail, but it... Read More

Moved off of LiveJournal

My old LiveJournal blog has served me well over the last four years, but I was getting tired of LJ. When I first started this blog, I mostly used it like any other whiny homesick new college graduate would. But nowadays, I use this less like a social networking tool and more like a way to organize my projects and post writeups of things I’m working on or things I find interesting.... Read More

Debt free!

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Ants, meet tasty electrical doom!

One of the chores that came up this weekend was to take care of a minor ant infestation. Paul and I had noticed a few scout ants here and there, but there was no clear pattern. That is, until it became clear that they really like my desk. Fine. The ants haven’t really been paying much attention to the Raid ant baits elsewhere, let’s try a few liquid ant baits on my desk.... Read More

Sad Christian in (x)snow

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Tripleverb Sighting

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Random update, DIY Wirelesss Guitar Hero


Yikes, it’s been nearly a month since I updated this last. A lot has happened since then… but I’ll skip to some more recent things. David is a Californian, as of last Tuesday! He kept busy buying furniture and waiting in line at the DMV, but I did manage to see him at my birthday dinner last week. He and I cooked dinner last night: Ahi tuna steaks with a southwestern... Read More

A windy day in San Francisco

Coffee and a muffin in my favorite Sunnyvale cafe. The train car full of baseball fans and their Keystone Light. Metro to Golden Gate Park. A long walk on the beach, south until the San Francisco Zoo. A single slice of pineapple pizza accompanied by fine people-watching. A great diner style cheeseburger with a re-run of Cops. Double cappucino at 9 o’clock. Stolen glances exchanged... Read More