Espresso Machine Sous-vide


This project is a bit different from what I normally do. No firmware to write, just several trips to the hardware store and a lot of quality time with the drill, files, and nibbler. But this one has a higher purpose: Food. It was actually a commission by a friend of mine. He wanted to try sous-vide cooking, but neither of us were crazy about the idea of paying for something lab-grade,... Read More

Baking success


My boyfriend’s dad and I made some delicious french bread, and some dangerously tasty white chocolate and milk chocolate cookies!  Read More

Bready Success


Homemade banana walnut bread!  Read More

I ♥ apple


I just took my first pie out of the oven! It doesn’t really look like much- I left it in a tiny bit too long so a little bit of the turbinado sugar topping burned, and I made the bottom crust a little small in places. But, it smells great. I’ll know how it tastes tomorrow, when it’s cooled.  Read More