X-10 SmartRemote

I’m not even sure why I built this at all. I guess I did always have a childhood fascination with making things that seemed professional in some way. A simulacrum of some expensive piece of A/V equipment, or simple computer games that came in a shoe box with construction-paper cover art.

This is another ancient project I dug up during my recent move to San Francisco: A rather gigantic “smart” remote control for X-10 home automation devices.

I’m only posting this because it seems cute in some ways… like finding one of your childhood finger-paintings. But it was really an awful project in pretty much every way. It was over-engineered, terrible at the job it was designed to do, and of course the battery life was pretty bad.

The extremely clunky user interface is based on a numeric keypad recycled from a very old television set, and a 16×2 alphanumeric LCD. The X-10 codes are transmitted via a reverse-engineered “Firecracker” board. A Basic Stamp 2 controls it all. This is one of my earlier microcontroller projects, from way back in 1999.

SmartRemote, Power Off 

Closeup of SmartRemote Submenu (Oblique) 

SmartRemote keypad 

SmartRemote back, battery exposed 

SmartRemote internals, top half 

SmartRemote X-10 Firecracker detail 

SmartRemote Basic Stamp detail 

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